90 Essential Nutreints

90 Essential Nutrients | Why Dr Wallach Says We Need Them

90 Essential Nutrients | Why Dr Wallach Says We Need Them

A: Our bodies perform a variety of biochemical tasks every hour: pumping blood, breathing, building and repairing tissue,  and maintaining the immune system. Each task requires the execution of a specific set of chemical events. If every chemical reaction and transfer is to occur successfully, it is necessary to provide the body with the raw materials required. The human body needs 90 essential nutrients in order to function optimally; 60 of these essential nutrients are trace minerals, 16 are vitamins, 12 are amino acids, and 3 are essential fatty acids. Although plants can make vitamins and amino acids for us, the animals and plants we eat must get their trace minerals from the soil. Unfortunately, minerals do not occur uniformly throughout the earth’s crust, and intensive agriculture has depleted our soils. Therefore supplementation is vital if we are to retain health and longevity throughout our lives.


Can You Reall Get All 90 Essential Nutrients From The Food We Eat?

Q: My doctor tells me I can get all of the nutrients I need from the food I eat. So why do I need this stuff?90 Essential Nutrients

A: A plant cannot manufacture minerals. A plant draws minerals from the soil through its root system and delivers it to us in a colloidal, organically bound form. ‘Colloidal’ is an even suspension of microscopic particles with a diameter of 1 to 100 nanometer in a dispersing substance (such as water). Therefore, minerals, which are essential, inorganic elements, are present in plants in colloidal form. Plants take indispensable  inorganic substances and convert them to biologically absorbable form. Our bodies need these trace minerals in order to function properly. Unfortunately, due in part to intensive agriculture over the past 100 years, the mineral content of our range and crop soils is at an all time low. It was discovered over 200 years ago that plants (crops) will grow using only 3 essential minerals: potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorous. Most of the fertilizers used today are of this variety, called NPK fertilizers. Unfortunately for humans, while plants do OK with only 3 minerals, we need 60!  After about five to seven years of harvesting crop after crop from the same field most of the minerals, especially the trace minerals and rare earths, are virtually ‘strip mined’ from the soil.

The depletion of our soils translates into a lack of minerals in our diets and also may well diminish the plants own ability to manufacture other nutrients we need. Besides poor soils, highly processed foods also contribute to malnourishment. These foods are very convenient, but have been manipulated to achieve a certain look or taste for ease of preparation, not health and nutrition! My sister-in-law is head of the Traumatic Incident Association and conducts seminars for people all over the world. When people form other countries come here, almost every one of them complains about how tasteless is the food in the United States. It is almost impossible for us to get all 90 essential nutrients from our diet, therefore, it is essential to supplement our food.

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